We work with some of the UK and Ireland’s most respected and renowned charities. Our collections enable charities, without a network of charity shops or the means to process second hand clothes, an alternative way of raising money.

What’s also important to our charities is the fact that we offer a convenient, hassle free alternative for those who want to donate clothes.

Find out more about our charity partners by following the links below.

Our Irish charity partner


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The ISPCC seeks to make child protection a national priority, by advising government on policy and practice change. They work with state agencies, employers, industries, schools and other organisations to build awareness of risks to children.
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Childline is the national listening service for children and young people in Ireland, and is a confidential service run by the ISPCC, by telephone, text and online. In 2015, over 420,000 contacts were answered by their volunteers.
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The Childline phone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Childline receives thousands of calls every year. These are answered by volunteers and staff who are trained to listen and understand young people.
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Our United Kingdom charity partners