Here at Clothes Aid we like to make it easy for people in the UK and Ireland to donate to us, wherever they are…

Donate to Clothes Aid from your home

Our offering is simple. Look out for one of our clothes collection bags through your door or get in touch for a collection. Fill the bag with your pre-loved clothes and fashion accessories. Leave it out for us to collect. Then fill your boots with sunshine, you’ve recycled and done something good for charity. More than 45,000 households donate each week because they find our service hassle free and it supports great causes.

If you have three or more bags of clothing to donate, we can help arrange a collection with you directly. Head to our contact form and our helpline team will be in touch!

Collect at school

With environmental awareness rising up the curriculum, our schools collections are an amazing way to raise money for your school and get kids being proactive about recycling.

Give yourself an extra gold star because each collection counts towards your school’s Green Flag award!

Organise a collection within your community

Jump(er) on it (for charity) with a ‘one stop’ special collection. If you have 30 or more bags of clothes and accessories to give, you can arrange to have it collected whenever suits you. The best bit is that a ‘one stop’ lets us give even more cash to charity. Because the cost of making one collection is far less than several single ones, we can give our charities even more of the profits we raise.

Get in touch to find out how Clothes Aid can turn your clothes into funds for charity or even your own cause. You’re ‘one stop’ away from doing something good for charity, your community and the planet.

Raise money with your colleagues

Being eco aware is racing up every socially responsible group and company’s agenda, and rightly so. Half the adults in the UK are binning 350,000 tonnes of clothing every year*. If your office or company wants to do something about diverting quality clothing from landfill and help charity, get in touch.
*Love Your Clothes, 2013