Please see below for frequently asked questions about Clothes Aid services. If your question is not answered below please contact the Helpline by the contact form or on 01 531 4579 and


What can I donate?
What can't I donate?


When do you collect?
When are you next collecting in my area?
Do you collect outside these times?
Can I use my own bags?
Can I organise an individual collection?
My bag was missed, what can I do?
How can I get my workplace / child’s school involved?

Distribution of charity bags

How often do you deliver bags?
I’m not going to use your charity bags, do you collect them?
I’ve never received a charity bag through my door, can I still donate?
I have a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign on my door, why have I received a Clothes Aid bag?
What about the benefits of diverting textiles from landfill?


Who are Clothes Aid?
Do the collections cost the charity anything?
How can I tell if a bag is for a real charity?
Are the local authorities aware of your collections in my area?

Suspicious collections

Who shall I call, I have just seen an unmarked van take my bag?
This leaflet/collection bag looks suspicious, what should I do?
I’ve seen lots of stories in my local papers about bogus collectors, is it safe to donate?

Profits to charity

What percentage of profits go to the charity?
Why does there seem such a disparity between the general export price per tonne and the price per tonne that goes to charity?

Glossary of clothes collection terms

As part of our efforts to keep things simple, here’s the low down on some industry jargon:

Social Business
Commercial Participator
Notifiable Solicitation Statement
House to House Collections Licence
National Exemption Orders
Bogus Collectors