On your marks, get recycling! With environmental awareness rising up the curriculum and textile waste is the fastest growing type of waste in the UK and Ireland, our ‘one stop’ collections are an amazing way to raise money for your school and get kids being proactive about recycling. And an extra gold star for you because each collection counts towards your school’s Green Flag award!

Did You Know?
Over 225,000 tonnes of textile waste are disposed of in Ireland and over 350,000 tonnes of textile waste are thrown away in the UK.

Pull your socks up and get started. Pick a day that suits your school for a clothes collection and get in touch to book in a pickup. You’ll even receive a special thank you certificate with the total your school raises to proudly put in the hall of fame.

We offer a very competitive rate with a choice to keep all of the money raised, or share it with one of our charity partners. Class dismissed for now but we hope to be seeing your coat tails very soon.

To find out more about setting up a schools clothes collection, please head to our contact form.

Statistics from Valuing our Clothes Report, Love Your Clothes 2013 and Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, 2016.